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Dental Crowns

Keep your natural teeth

The health of your body depends on the health of your teeth, and fractured, decaying teeth can lead to long term damage and disease in your mouth.

Sometimes, a simple filling isn’t enough to solve this problem, which means that a dental crown is needed instead. We work hard at Dossett Dental to provide each patient with crowns that are designed to keep their mouth in better shape. Our crowns are strong, high-quality, and designed to restore the look of your mouth for a more improved appearance.

What is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are designed to protect your teeth by providing a durable cap on top of them that prevents farther damage to your enamel. Porcelain, precious metals like gold and silver, and other materials are common for crafting natural-looking dental crowns in Hurst, TX. In fact, we pride ourselves on the natural look of our crowns, and we promise that no one but you will know there’s anything in your mouth but original teeth.

What is it Like to Get a Crown?

Damaged teeth don’t necessarily mean you need a crown. When you visit our Hurst, TX dentist office, we will conduct testing with advanced imaging to see how deep the damage goes so that we can make the right decision about putting in a crown or not.

When our staff commits to a crown for you, your tooth will be thoroughly cleaned to remove any hint of decay to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Once your tooth is prepped to the perfect size, we’ll take impressions in your mouth to create the right size crown to bind to it. We’ll also walk you through the process of choosing the right material for the crown to ensure you get the look you like with years of durability.

After that, putting in your crown is a straightforward procedure with minimal recovery time. You’ll be out the door in a matter of hours and back to normal with a healthier smile than before.

Should I get a Crown?

More than just a cosmetic fix, dental crowns are designed to improve the durability of your teeth and improve their shape. Too many fillings in a single tooth will weaken the structure over time, so a crown can reinforce your roots to improve the lifespan of your teeth and prevent them from chipping and falling victim to decay.

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