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An Affordable Emergency Dental Service

You can’t plan your emergencies, so why would you have to schedule your treatment? When the state of your mouth means you really can’t wait, emergency dental care is available at Dossett Dental Hurst. No matter your problem, we’ll get you in our office right away and directly deal with it to help you find relief.

How to Prep for Emergency Services

There’s no predicting what oral health disaster will befall you next, but here are some of the emergency problems we commonly deal with, and what you can do to keep calm and minimize damage before you come in.

  • Chipped Tooth: Despite the discomfort, there’s a lot you can do to keep down the swelling of a broken tooth before you see our specialists. Wash the tooth with lukewarm water and use a cold compress until you come in the office.
  • Lost tooth: If you lose a tooth to an injury or other reasons, see if you can find it and keep it safe. Make sure to avoid touching the root, and either put the tooth back in your mouth or store it in warm milk until your visit.
  • Tooth Pain: Mouth discomfort can be caused by a wide variety of factors, but until are team can determine what the problem is you should gently rinse the spot with warm water and gently remove any trapped food particles with a tooth brush. Note: Aspirin can damage your teeth and gums, so never let it directly contact your jaw.
  • Trapped Object: If something is stuck in your teeth and causing you pain, try to gently remove it with floss, never a tooth pick or other sharp object.

Keeping Dental Emergencies from Happening

The only good disasters are the ones you avoid, so prevention is powerfully important for the health of your mouth. Make sure you give your mouth the safe treatment it deserves by following these safety steps.

Practice Proper Dental Hygiene

Brush and floss every day to keep tooth decay away.

Emergency Dental Services

Stick to scissors, not your teeth, for opening tricky packages.

Avoid Hard and Crunchy Foods

Avoid overly crunch foods like candy and popcorn kernels to prevent unexpected chips and cracks.

Wear a Mouthguard

When taking part in a contact sport, be sure to wear proper mouth protection.

An Emergency Dentist in Hurst You Can Trust

Stop your dental emergency from being a true disaster by seeking professional help right away. Our Dossett Dental Hurst office has weekend and evening hours to ensure you can get treated immediately, so bookmark the number 817-500-0651 to be ready for any emergency.




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