Mobile Denture Repair

Mobile Denture Repair Hurst TX

Mobile Denture Repair

Make the Most of Every Smile

Nothing is made to last forever, and dentures are no exception. Due to the daily wear and tear they experience, they may become uncomfortable and even painful over time. However, replacing your dentures completely is hardly cost effective, so Dossett Dental Hurst provides the option of denture repair, even from the comfort of your own home!

If getting to the dentist is keeping you from having your dentures refitted or serviced, our mobile denture repair will come to your home, office, or assisted living facility!

The Dossett Difference: We Come to YOU!

When your mouth is sore, one of the last things you want to do is make your way to the dentist office. With our mobile denture repair service, you won’t have to. So long as you live in Hurst and let us know that your mobility makes it difficult for you to make it to the dentist, our staff is available by appointment to come to you and take care of your denture repairs.

This special service is available during regular business hours. Once you book an appointment, one of our qualified dentists will come to you with everything needed to repair your dentures and make your mouth work well again. If necessary, your dentist can even take impressions of your mouth to send to a lab to ensure you get the best fit possible for your mouth.

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