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Root Canal

Striving to Save Your Damaged Teeth Through Surgery

Are you suffering from lingering pain centered in the middle of your teeth? You might need a root canal. Root canals are surgical procedures that remove infected or decaying material from the pulp chamber in the center of your tooth to keep it healthier in the long run.

The center of your tooth is where the nerves and blood supply is located, and any damage in this space is likely to cause you a lot of pain. At Dossett Dental Hurst, we’ll work with you to do everything possible to save your tooth. By removing the area that’s infected and decaying, your pain will go away and the tooth itself may be saved.

Why You Need a Root Canal

We won’t mince words. Getting a root canal isn’t something to celebrate, but it’s a necessary procedure if your tooth root is infected, lest you increase your risk of the infection spreading to other teeth as well.

In truth, if you want to save an infected tooth, you may need to have a root canal. It’s often the only way to preserve it. It’s not healthy to let a tooth infection linger too long, as you risk needing a more invasive procedure later, like a dental implant, crown or even dentures.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a root canal is the immediately relief you’ll experience after the procedure. Your chronic pain will disappear, making it easier to enjoy your life in every aspect.

Contact us about Root Canals

Acute pain in a specific tooth, especially when combined with a sensitivity to hot and cold, is a classic sign that you might need a root canal. If these symptoms sound like you, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with our staff to help us work with you though the process. You can call our Dossett Dental Hurst team at 817-500-0651 to talk though your options today.




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