Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry Hurst TX

Sedation Dentistry

Send Away Your Dental Anxiety for Good

Getting anxious in the dentist chair is perfectly normal. It’s natural to not like having your personal space invaded, but a mouthful of decaying teeth is far worse.

At Dossett Dental Hurst, we care so much about the health of your teeth that we’ll do everything possible to ensure you stick with regular appointments, no matter what kind of dental anxiety you deal with. Our staff is more than happy to talk you through every procedure to reduce your stress level, and we are always gentle and deliberate when working in your mouth.

When it’s necessary to undergo a more invasive procedure, we have plenty of sedation options to reduce your stress level before the process. Our staff of highly-trained dentists have the experience necessary to know what kinds of anesthesia you need to have the best possible experience and ensure your visit to our office isn’t a memory filled with dread.

Reasons to Try Dental Sedation

If any of the following conditions describe you, you might be a candidate for dental sedation.

  • Sensitive teeth
  • Dread and anxiety for appointments
  • Minimal response to regular numbing
  • Extreme anxiety for dental procedures

Far too many people avoid their dentist for these reasons, and their oral heath suffers accordingly. Don’t join the statistics for improper dental hygiene- look into Dossett Dental Hurst’s sedation options to find the strategy that will help you make your mouth health a priority.

Different Sedation Dentistry Techniques

We have many strategies at Dossett Dental to provide you with the right kind of sedation for your needs. Below are some of our most popular options.

Deep Sedation Hurst Texas

Deep Sedation

If you simply want to take the edge off while still being fully responsive to what’s going on around you, deep sedation will reduce your consciousness and anxiety while providing a sense of relaxation instead.

Anesthesia Dentist Hurst Texas

General Anesthesia

If it’s better for the procedure that you be totally unconscious, general anesthesia will gently and safely put you under until the procedure is done.

Professional Sedation to keep you safe

When not performed by an expert, dental sedation can have some complications. However, Dossett Dental’s anesthesiologists are well equipped to handle any problem that might present itself, no matter how big or small. Years of training and experience from our staff ensure that you’ll be in the best hands possible throughout your entire dental procedure.

In the same way, our staff is highly trained to monitor your health throughout the procedure, including your heart rate, temperature, eye movement, and more. Our anesthesiologists will watch over the process from start to finish, ensuring you are never at risk. To keep young children calm, you can even stay in the room until their anesthesia takes effect.

With every visit, you can be sure that you’re experiencing the best in safe and stress-free dental sedation.

Stay Relaxed with Our Sedation Dentistry in Hurst, Texas

Do you have any questions about dental sedation? Our team is ready to answer them for you. Give us a call at 817-500-0651 to talk with our team of experts about the best strategies for keeping you calm during your next dental procedure.




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